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Food Internationals Dual Advanced Sprayer

Food Internationals Dual Advanced Sprayer

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In a bustling kitchen where creativity meets culinary magic, there lived a chef whose secret ingredient wasn't found in any cookbook. It was the 2-in-1 Oil Sprayer Bottle, a marvel of modern kitchenware that brought sizzle to every dish and flair to every flavor. With its dual functionality as both a sprayer and pourer, this ingenious tool was the chef's trusted sidekick, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary masterpieces.

Picture this: a backyard barbecue where the aroma of sizzling meats dances in the air. As the chef gracefully wields the 2-in-1 Oil Sprayer Bottle, a symphony of flavors unfolds. With a gentle spray, the grill comes alive, infusing each juicy cut with the perfect balance of smoky goodness. And when it's time to drizzle a touch of olive oil over freshly baked bread, the pourer attachment delivers with precision, elevating the humble loaf to gourmet status.

But the 2-in-1 Oil Sprayer Bottle isn't just for outdoor feasts. In the cozy confines of the kitchen, it reigns supreme, adding finesse to every dish. From golden pancakes kissed with buttery goodness to crisp salads adorned with a delicate vinegar dressing, this versatile tool ensures that every bite is a symphony of flavors.

So why wait? Join the culinary revolution and claim your 2-in-1 Oil Sprayer Bottle today. With its clever design and unbeatable performance, it's no wonder these kitchen essentials are flying off the shelves. Don't miss your chance to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary adventures – seize the opportunity before it's too late!


1. Automatic Opening and Closing: The Olive Oil Spray Bottle lets you pour oil with a single hand. It has a smart design that opens when tilted and closes when upright. You don't have to press by the thumb or deal with messes.
2. Dual Purpose of Spraying and Pouring: This Oil Spray Bottle has a unique design that allows you to switch the pouring and spraying modes with a switch on the oil cover. It has a 65-degree wide-angle high-atomization spray design that can evenly distribute the oil on your food. It is also easy to press and can atomize the oil in 1 second.
3. Easy to Clean: With a wide opening and a detachable nozzle, this Spray Bottle for Olive Oil allows quick and easy cleaning without leaving any dead ends.
4. Oil Control: The Oil Sprayer Bottle for Cooking has a precise control design that lets you pour exactly the right amount of oil. No more overdressing your salad or wasting oil. You can control the oil flow completely.
5. Soda-lime Glass Material: Made of safe healthy soda-lime glass material, the Cooking Spray Bottle is thick and sturdy, so you can use it with confidence. It can withstand high temperatures.

Product Information:
Function: automatic opening and closing, Oil filling/self-contained oil brush integrated, oil injection pressure
Material: Glass
Capacity: 550ml-warm gray

Packing List:
Oil bottle * 1

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