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Aurora Borealis Starlight Projector

Aurora Borealis Starlight Projector

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Transform your space into a breathtaking spectacle with our Aurora Borealis Starlight Projector. This innovative device brings the beauty of the Northern Lights right into your home, casting a mesmerizing array of colors and patterns onto your walls and ceiling. Whether you're looking to create a calming ambiance for relaxation or a stunning backdrop for a party, this projector delivers a magical experience every time. With adjustable settings and a remote control for easy customization, you can create the perfect atmosphere to suit any mood or occasion.

Not just a beautiful light display, the Aurora Borealis Starlight Projector also features built-in speakers, allowing you to play your favorite music or soothing sounds while you enjoy the dazzling light show. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or even outdoor gatherings. Bring the wonder of the Northern Lights into your home with the Aurora Borealis Starlight Projector and let your imagination soar.



1. The lights of this product consist of red, green, blue and white four-color Northern Lights + green stars + moon projection, each group of lights can be controlled by the remote control independently of the switch, built-in star breathing, blinking, flashing; LED fade, jumping, and other modes, and with a shutdown memory function.
2. The remote control can also adjust the speed of the movement of the Northern Lights clouds, the brightness of the lights (4 levels of brightness adjustable), and the timer function, which can be set for 30 minutes, 1 hour, and time off. External sound sensing rhythm function.

Product Information:

Product Name: Star Projector Lamp
Input voltage: USB 5V/2A
Power supply mode: USB cable power supply (mobile power supply, computer, mobile phone adapter)
LED power: RGB 3X1W
Laser class: CLASS 1
Shell material: ABS
Lamp body size: 14X13 X6.6CM
Box size: 13.8*12.2*11 .4CM


Packing List: 

Projection lamp + remote control + USB data cable + manual


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