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Metal Bottom Wax Lamp Volcano Lava Lamp

Metal Bottom Wax Lamp Volcano Lava Lamp

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Size: height 33 cm, bottom diameter 8.5 cm
Material: Aluminum/Glass
Power: 25 watts
Product description: The lava lamp is produced by the bulb inside the bottom
The heat melts the wax in the glass bottle and finally forms wax
The ball floats up and down.

matters needing attention
1. The wax can not melt until the liquid is heated after the lamp is turned on for a period of time, which is constantly changing. Please wait patiently
2. After the wax melts, the temperature of the lamp will be higher. Please do not touch the lamp directly by hand to prevent scalding
3. Since the lamp is not fixed, please place it in the place where it is not easy to hit, so as to prevent accidents
4. Please do not open the liquid bottle, do not shake the liquid in the bottle violently to ensure the normal operation of the lamp

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