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Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

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Experience the future of charging convenience with the New Magic Rope Magnetic Absorption Data Cable. This TPE Magnetic Fast Charging Cable for Type-C devices combines cutting-edge technology with practical design, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience. The magnetic absorption feature allows the cable to effortlessly snap into place, creating a secure connection for fast and efficient charging. The innovative design isn't just about function; it's also about convenience with its retractable feature, making storage a breeze. Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to a sleek, organized charging solution that adapts to your dynamic lifestyle.

Crafted from high-quality TPE material, this Magnetic Fast Charging Cable not only ensures rapid charging but also provides durability for long-term use. The magnetic design adds an extra layer of protection by reducing wear and tear on the charging port. The retractable feature enhances portability, making it an ideal travel companion. With this cable, you're not just investing in a charging accessory; you're embracing a smart and stylish solution that simplifies your charging routine and keeps your Type-C devices powered up with efficiency and ease.

1. This data cable uses a thick PVC cable body, which is resistant to bending, anti-winding, and challenging to break.
2. Built-in smart chip, self-adaptive device, intelligently adjusts the current required by the device, fast charging does not hurt the machine.
3. It is stable and reliable, protects the safety of charging, and extends the life of the mobile phone battery.
4. A thick tinned copper wire core is used, with aluminum foil + ground wire + PVC external multiple shielding, strong anti-interference, and ensure stable transmission.

Product Information:
Interface: Lightning, Micro USB, TYPE-C
Color: white, black
Style: Android, Apple, Type-c
Characteristics: fast charging
Material: PVC
Size: 1m
Color classification: transparent

Packing List:
Data cable X1PC


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